Regions most practical for rewilding

I currently live in Northwestern Wisconsin. It’s far from the worst place to be. However, I’ll still be moving, and it’s only a question of timing. As I look for real world connections, I’m finding that most primitive individuals are around the west coast/the northwest of the US. Would you consider that an accurate assessment?

I just quickly found a couple population maps as well, one for total population by state, and another by density.

There’s a final map for percent growth each year.

At a glance, it looks like Oregon is a good option. It’s in the region I was looking for. The population and percent growth aren’t the lowest, but are still relatively sparse compared to Washington or Northern California. Additionally, it’s supposed to have warmer winters than Wisconsin, which I suppose would be nice.

Do there appear to be any massive problems with my information or rationale?

The West and Northwest are popular choices because the landscape is wide-open and rugged. The scenery inspires in you a sense of smallness and you react to that with courage. Open country is nice because you are less likely to be bothered and can get away with a lot more without the need to hide from prying eyes.

Don’t discount the East coast, however. Just because the mountains are taller in Colorado, does not mean they are better than the ones in West Virginia, Tennessee, or Maine. The Rockies may be high, sharp, and rugged, but you can’t live on their peaks like you can in the Appalachians. The southern Appalachians (especially East Tennessee / West North Carolina) are one of the most biologically diverse regions on the entire planet.

I think the best place to start doing something is right where you are. It may be lonely at first, but people will join you. Or through synchronicity, you will find the people who are exactly the people you need to find along your way. Moving can be nice too. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Though I do understand the temptation in thinking that way, and fall prey to it myself…

population density is mostly found in large cities and surrounding countryside, once you leave those areas behind it gets better and better… no matter the state…

your own skill at living a rewild is the most important thing… the terrain and the living is up to you… forest or deserts…