Recent foraging trips in southeast alaska

(more photos at each link) harvest from a walk around a nearby lake with friend & pup:

bringing friends out on an herb walk to meet the locals, introducing them to devil’s club:

making horsetail salve with the tall, 'leaf’less kind that grows in standing water:

making my first batch of devil’s club salve:

a big foraging day: got an armful of fireweed, also thimbleberry leaves & labrador tea leaves.

my first salmonberries of the season:

a quick morning foraging walk down the road:

another good day for fireweed (with flowers this time!):

labrador tea from that earlier foraging trip finally dry:

lovely views & plants from the day i got that armful of flowering fireweed:

from a foraging walk around a ‘pond’/bog type area, with salal flowering & the first ripe huckleberries:

and last but not least, a nice big harvest of horsetail, for daily infusions to support well-lubricated joints: