Read here at your own risk

I’ve created this topic to sequester inappropriate posts that don’t fit the rewilding theme that well.

You may find cruel, offensive, off-color, and otherwise generally unpleasant posts here. You may also find relatively innocent but poorly matched subject matter.

Read them at your own risk.

Is placement here to be seen as a punishment? I thought I’d ask before I gave in to the nausea.

Punishment sits outside of my frame of reference, so you’ll never see any moderator activity here that intends to punish a behavior.

I’ve provided the humanure bucket so that, should folks want, they can further understand what does and doesn’t belong under the rubric of our forum. Humanure means composting human expression. Poop, though amusing and smelling unpleasant, in the end offers no value judgement of topics here in and of themselves. They simply don’t belong at Some folks have expressed confusion about this, so I keep these examples (and add to them when necessary).

If you feel compelled to continue a conversation in the humanure bucket, I leave it up to you, but a conversation in a smelly poop bucket won’t attract me in particular. I’ll comment in this particular introductory thread if you have further questions, but not on anything else here.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Willem, if I may ask, do you do any kind of meditation to remain so clear and focused? Cuz if you do, I really want to know more about it. :slight_smile:

I personally do not see how Hillcountryringtails posts do not relate to this forum.
Except for the fact that it chalenges much of the rewilding philosophy here.
Of course everyone on this forum is a product of civilisation,
so maybe many of us have a fear that keeps us from accepting the idea of being an animal.
I disagree with his ideas on sharing, but being an animal would not be a bad thing.

I personally do not see how Hillcountryringtails posts do not relate to this forum.

Forgive my potential blindness, but I don’t see any posts by any such person in this particular section. Where is it?


I too don’t see any of that posters stuff here, though the name sounds familiar. I’ve searched the archive and don’t even see them on the members’ list. Perhaps they deleted their account?

Right after posting I checked this.

Hillcountryringtail was the person who started one of the conversations that hoodie responded to, and that response was moved here. Perhaps that was the misunderstanding, thinking the whole conversation was moved here.

I apologize if hillcountryringtail received the guilt-by-association treatment. I do remember that conversation now - hrm. I feel sad thinking that hillcountryringtail may have left because of that. I hope anyone that knows them will welcome them back, if they need to know that.

Besides, I like their name. I grew up in ringtail hill country in southern oregon. :slight_smile:

Read the rules. Illl keep posting with those in mind. ;D