Re: noble savage

Seriously Willem, no offense, but,

Are you saying that you’re not trying to be funny when you pretend not to know that homophobia is a classic symptom of the repressed latent homo-sexuality that i was drawing attention to

The repressed latent homosexual impulses that are released indirectly through the politics, business, and religion of Civilized Man.

Civilized Man’s homophobic preoccupations is exactly what i’m drawing attention to.

The latent homosexual is a heterosexual who despises his latent (subconscious) homosexual impulses, and whose self-hatred is projected as homophobia, and expains civilized man’s intense homophobia.

Consider that an apology.

And like i said elsewhere, if you truly believe that what i am saying is not going straight to the heart of what seduced us from our dynamic state of nature,

well, again, you’re the moderator.