Re: Misconception: Rewilders are Racist


“playing indian” is a hurtful epithet and is more reflective of the speaker than the person re-creating their cultural identity. I would retract my statement of you could find one person who identifies with ‘playing indan’ as opposed to sincerely attempting to learn something. Please see the movie Dreamkeeper for a broad perspective on this issue.

Culture integrates, and thusly, the landbase will truly have much to say…

Civilization is collapsing! You did get the memo that the revolution won’t be televised, right? Now is that time! The space is open! Please learn more about what others have already done to recreate their place on this earth, I hope it is inspiring! Mind the difference between civilization collapsing and humans being in trouble, ya heard? It is the vision of civilization that it’s collapse will be bad for humanity – I tought civ was bad for humanity – should this time right now then be one of joy and wonder and not fear of the unknown???

The individualistic liberalism of today does indeed call back to the individual to use what is in their toolbox of birth. Avoid attempts to ‘bring down’ racism. Have you ever encountered an actual racist? I live in the rural south, where you’ll hear nigger come out of black and white mouths more, but meet more racists in the urban north, like my cousin quoting scripture as to why his daughter can’t date a black kid… who refuses to use the “n-word”!!!
It’s easy to point out things to your friends like ‘renege’ as a racist word, or the word ‘gypped’ as a racist word, but racism is about ending things.

You cannot end an ending with your own version of the ending, it’s still an end. You can only have new beginnings, even with people you’ve known your whole life. Some will begin again with you, some will not. And that will be your part, and that will have to be that.

People don’t change people, people change themselves.

Yeah Tony, there are an awful lot of racists in denial aren’t there.

I suppose people often come up with a definition of racist that doesn’t include them in order to make themselves feel better.

My first reaction to the statement at the top of this discussion was, How is that a misconception? Aren’t we all racists in our own way?

I find it to be a lot more useful to pay attention and recognize the racism that’s present in what we think and do, than it is to deny it and point fingers. Has nothing to do with guilt. How can we change anything if we aren’t even willing to acknowlege it?

I’m a bit sorry this has ended up here. As usual I think you have brought up some stuff worth looking at. I guess the delivery doesn’t work for everybody.

But… but… I’m taking it back!!

As usual, good points…