Re: How isolated should we be?


DO you see the US Treasury as the first being ransacked?This is the actual collapse, we are in it now! Have you ever had collapse visions where humanity endures?


Have you ever experienced someone who went berserk in an organized way? I have always seen this happen at the individual level, and from what I see in places like New Orleans and Detroit, people tend to recede into their toxic memetic depression as the onset of immaterialism eclipses their previous worldview. New Orleans in it’s collapse is a center of revirth of new earthy values. I see that in the dispatches I hear form Detroit, as well.

I find that mental health counseling and the support of loved ones are the greatest resource for those in a personal collapse. What other resources do you feel we need in order to move towards a healing society?

To be fair to the topic at hand, the question is not whether or not to defend ourselves and to what extent, but to what degree of isolation can we/must we endure in these tough times?

I see isolation negatively for social approaches and while achieves many ends, sustainability isn’t one of them.

Alone, one cannot reproduce and sustain one’s genetic lineage that so many of our ancestors have sacrificed so much to ensure we are here today to have this discussion, so while Isolation is a keen survival strategy, thrival, from day one, today, I feel is a more responsible goal for those looking to rewild an entire family or community.

Survival strategies aren’t of much used discussed. You learn as many as you can and hope the ones you’ve learn will apply to your situation. One or two will work very well, the rest will be discarded.

Learning many thrival strategies will give you multiple options to employ at once, as one berry bush or another may fail, having 14 varieties has no diminishing returns…

And where many thrival strategies can coexist at one time, survival strategies can only be employed one or two at a time. Having 14 masteries of creating fire doesn’t help when you can only employ one at a time.

If one creates such a horde of food on one’s own that feasably is raid-worthy, then, perhaps, you deserve to have that abundance you’ve capitalized form the earth forcibly shared with those who perceive themselves as in need.

If you have stores of crops while your neighbor goes hungry, I would call that sinful behavior; in need of Karmic balancing.

If you have a bunch of berrybushes your neighbors can freely pick from in season, then you don’t have a richness in your life so easily stolen, do you?

If you have a few cans of preserves and a few jars of jerky, having that stolen or forcibly ‘taxed’ won’t hurt your family with multiple thrival options.

We have a choice. Choose to trust in the goodness of self-preservation, or choose to trust in the selfishness of self-preservation. In any regards, it requires a conscious choice as to what you trust in humanity. I choose to trust in the goodness of self-preservation, I have seen enough in New Orleans to see that no good deed goes unpunished, coming from both the generational poverty of the wallet and of the mind, and yet I still believe in the goodness of people with whom together we have a stake.

If someone today can find a better way to make a friend than break bread, I’m all ears, as it takes time, courage, and resilience to bond those to you with food you’ve wildly provided. Okay, I admit, drugs are pretty awesome for making friends, too. Sharing a joint has begun many friendships for me.

But then how do you begin to make friends you can trust enough to spar with? Friends enough to share your fears? Friends enough to join the cause of self-discovery and knowledge? Food, glorious food, that how!