Re: ? for Willem

Do any of you plan actually to go out on the Hoop, or just talk about it forever? Doesn’t your intuition tell you that the shit is currently hitting the fan?
The time for “getting out” is almost over. If you’re not out by yesterday, with the ability and spirit to last a year feeding and being fed by Mother Dirt and Father Sunburn, you’re totally fucked. You see, you have to be Skin Walked. You can only be Skin Walked on the Hoop. If you haven’t already been Skin Walked by the time the full dump hits the rotary blades, then you won’t make it. The time for that “one last thing” or that “one last doubt” is over, truly over. Hoop Law emerges. Getting along with others? What the fuck does that mean? Don’t be concerned with that. You will get along, and you won’t get along. You are civilized, and cannot escape your domesticated mind. You must be Skin Walked, and it’ll be REALLY scary. That little twinge of fear you feel now, that little apprehension, that tingle down your spine all the way to your taint? Heh heh he, ha hmm.

Hi Brangus - what does ‘skin walked’ mean?