Re: Beyond tribalism

You can take man out of civilization, but you can’t take civilization out of man.

And, by the time we are five years old, our civilized oral and anal behavioral patterns have been set for life, and will continue to conspire to sabotage any attempt to Rewild.

And, untill we are willing to face up to these deep behavioral motivations behind civilization, Rewilding will continue to fail.

That’s the most revealing, intimate and relavent story about civilization vs rewilding that there is.

I understand that the hairy-smelly, psycho-sexual primate facts of life is offensive to our civilized sensibilities, but it’s when our questions and stories strike that raw sensitive nerve that we know we’re cutting close to the uncomfortable truth.

Granted, my comment about trade implied all trade was anally-retentive, and that’s obviously not the case.

When trade historically becomes primarily motived by subconscious anal impulses, is a time that probably corresponds to the fear-driven beginnings of civilization, and is merely intesified when civilzation’s harsh toilet-training begins to kick-in, and guarantees that we all fail to successfully negotiate the anal-stage of personality growth.

However, my comment about the existential meaning of nature’s “Will to Power” is correct, and has NOTHING to do with the delusional patriarchal phantasies of Social Darwinism.

And, the fact that Social Darwinists desperately tried to associate themselves with the concept of 'Will to Power", is no more meaningful than Christians trying to associate themselves with a man whose existential teachings is opposed to their very way of life.

Moreover, my use of Fearless underscores the fact that neurotic fear and insecurity is at the root of civilization’s psycho-dynamic, and that the momentum of this five-hundred generations old dynamic must be stopped before we will ever stop being drawn-back to civilization.

Fearless as in being free of our civilized neurotic fears, not casual spontaneous fear.

Isn’t that Fearless enough!

Finaly, a think my post is the only post in this thread that actually spoke to each and every one of Hillcountryringtail’s concerns.

His concerns were thus:

That Tribalism is a gateway to civilization.

That Hunting and Gathering led to language, and that language was a gateway to civilization,

That Sharing led to trade, and that trade is a gateway to civilization.

I replied illustrating that Tribalism is simply a natural stage in the step by step dialectical process towards global empathy.

I also replied that all animals in a state of nature hunt and gather, and they’re not led to either language or civilization, so there is no reason to suspect hunting and gathering was our demise.

However, i grant him his suspicions of language.

Then concerning sharing, i responded that sharing was not a gateway to trade and civilization, but rather the spontaneous impulse of any secure, whole, and confident man not under the fear-driven spell of civilization’s oral and anal impulses.


I think my responses were totally relevant to this thread, but if you disagree,

well, you’re the moderator.