Re: Alderleaf Wilderness College and other 9-months

Jason is teaching Permaculture, which by definition is “the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems”.

Or don’t you consider that rewilding? You can’t stop society, you don’t know how.
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Our biggest revolution lies in a sustainable future that isn’t controlled by corporations. The equation is simple enough,
provide for as many community needs as possible locally + native plant restoration = gradual freedom from corporate rule.

How do you do that?
Set up water catchment (rainwater is state property in washington), convert to gray-water, solar shower, intensive garden, wild edibles, whatever as long as you take money out of corporate hands

You could even go guerrilla warfare by dropping mad seed bombs, or filling a gallon jug with water and putting it in the back of public toilets so they use less water to flush.
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alquemy (if you’re still even reading this thread)
Don’t wait till you go to school to learn this shit. go make an ATLATL or bust a coal. read a book and try it on your own. You’ll learn a lot more if you enter your 9 months with questions.

I went to Alderleaf Wilderness College and Trackers… I know this is very late but they actually do talk about civ and how bad agriculture is…Have you been to Alderleaf (or anyone)? Also, we in fact did watch a derrick jenson documentary one evening and talked about it all night and it was a topic of conversation from then on at a 9 month trackers immersion program i went to during their permaculture section…

I actually hopped right into these schools, loved it so much, learned a lot and would recommend both…Expensive but worth it. They gave me what I needed to continue on my own journey to learn every day