R.I.P. Daniel Quinn

I just heard he passed on Feb 17th. So sad to lose him… I heard he was still working on a new book…

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His site says he was working on another book, about avoiding the 6th great extinction. Also, there is supposed to be a memorial gathering in June, in Montrose… but it doesn’t say which state. Colorado?

His wife Rennie is organizing it. My condolences to her. And may heartfelt kinship be sensed among his many many fans, all those whose life was never the same after reading Ishmael.


Yes he was a pretty special author for me. We locally had a dinner to help him row to the other side. Love live Ishmael!


Only just heard myself via Peter’s podcast (thread below). Still gutted… Would like to do something in his honour but not sure what or with who. People don’t know about him in my neck of the woods unfortunately, despite my best efforts.

Hope he managed to get into the meat of the latest book before the end. I’d devour anything he had to say on that subject - like, it wouldn’t touch the sides as it went down!

Kindof feels like it shines a spotlight down on us a little stronger, as in: Okay, that giant has fallen, what are you guys going to do now to fill the void he’s left behind; to carry the message forwards and outwards?

Maybe a toast of Lagavulin to start with…

best to all,