I just came across this:

anyone have any info on how valid this is? cause, frankly, if it’s spot on, it’s a bit on the scary side and makes a lot of other problems seem pretty insignificant…

After a thorough glance, it seems a little iffy, although still some cause for alarm. Prions are definitely a problem, and the vast majority comes from factory farming. It really isn’t safe to eat the brains of your own species on a regular basis, and eating infected meat is bad. Whether this will become a time bomb, I don’t know.
He talks about alzheimer’s sometimes being prions. Looking at the symptom list, there seems to be quite a few obvious symptoms with cjd that would be noticed as incongruent with alzheimer’s (seizures and early coordination impairment.) Given alzheimer’s possible cause of aluminum crossing the blood-brain barrier with help from fluoride and our increasing exposure to both, its no wonder industrial (water fluoridating) countries have tripled their alzheimer’s rates. I would be curious to see if there was some known variant of alzheimer’s that includes these symptoms, and compare. Doctors have a lot of problems, but that cat would be too hard to keep in the bag if the numbers were true. <- fluoride and aluminum study.

CJD also has a variant with a very fast incubation. Wikipedia says its rare. Maybe that can’t transmit through infected meat, or non-humans can’t get it. If there was a sudden outbreak of vCJD, I would be concerned about the implications of the classic variety laying in wait for people with much higher numbers.

Basically I think he might be right, but with some hyperbole thrown in. Its another strong reason we shouldn’t eat factory farmed meat and why civ needs to go.

As for the poor cows and sheep … jesus. :frowning:

Mad Cow prions could be in every ounce of meat, milk, pork, chicken, egg, cheese, or butter you have eaten since l970 and in every bite you eat today and in gelatin caps, animal glandular supplements and in the glue on the postage stamp you will use to mail a xerox of this article to your Aunt Edna.

Well, assuming the author has their facts straight, no sense worryin about it.

That website also has “Free Daily Astrology Predictions & Horoscope Readings” so whatever.

well, yeah, after giving it some more thought, it does seem like a fair amount of statements are well over the top (like the one quoted above).

and if they really are accurate… well, like you said, no sense in worrying about it.

i was curious tho’, does anyone know what happens to these suckers (prions) as an infected animal (sheep, cow, human, whatever) decomposes into the soil?

i was curious tho', does anyone know what happens to these suckers (prions) as an infected animal (sheep, cow, human, whatever) decomposes into the soil?

Prions are proteins, so I think they probably end with the soil, unless et by a scavenger.

abnormal prions are rogue prions and survive temps upward of 1100degrees f ,can jump species barriers,evade immune systems,abnormal prions are said to not be living organisms,no genetic material they are thought to replicate like crystals,malforming neighboring prions with contact they mutate and fold improperly .ultimatly this causes a domino effect leaving vacuoles or holes in the brain.normal prions and abnormal are nearly chemically identical and immune system is therefor not provoked to attack them.or so say the everything you know is wrong disinformation guide.

Prion Diseases have been found in wildlife (particularly in Colorado and southern Wisconsin). See wikipedia article on Chronic Wasting Disease: For an April 2007 map of CWD in US wildlife populations, go here:

Supposedly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study which didn’t show any correlation between CWD in wildlife and Prion Diseases in humans. I haven’t read the text from this study, but it can be found here: Still, I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating wild meat from areas where CWD is more common, as wouldn’t feel inclined to bet my life on one isolated study.