Primitive Living Experiences

Don’t know if people are already aware of this site, but there’s some good discussions occurring over there that have some overlap with these forums. So, fyi…

This is Montana Buckskin from PP. The threads from the link above are now in the ethers. It’s time to set up camp here for that discussion. What a load of work gone! That was one of the smallest yet widest read forum.

They’re not available for anyone to read at all?

For those of us who didn’t get a chance to read about what went on over there, can you give us a brief summary so we have a better platform to start from?

Yeah, it’s kind of a shame. I thought there were some really good discussions there.

They were moved to this Archive. You can peruse the topics there. Be sure to check out the video of the Inupiaq elder. A lot of the topics are similar to ones that we have had, but with a different approach.

Hey Guys,

This is SOTW here I have been on a few other re-wilding type forums, Good to see that the important discussions are being preserved and kept alive for folks to benefit one another and share.

Rewilding, primitive skills, belly dancing, golfing.....we all need to eat. It has always been food, water, shelter, fire even if that means in a persons McMansion or the archetypal caveman. I am interested in where my food is coming from as I believe you are what you eat and that what you eat affects your mind and how you percieve things.

Well said. That about sums it up for me. Definitely you are what you eat and how you get your food says a lot about the person you are. Talking the talk without walking the walk has never amounted to much in the long run. Ideals remain idle words unless they are put to practice (and failing, succeeding, falling down and getting up are all a part of that process).

People need good examples to observe and follow, much like how we need affirming oral tradition (stories) passed on from the older to the younger to orient ourselves in this crazy maze we are in and find some ground where we can have the space and time to live in a way where we are able to have a more direct connection with ourselves, others, wildlife and wildlands. I think that the more people see others out there living close to the land, obtaining their food from the land and having an economic and spiritual connection with animals and wild plants the more likely it is that they are able to make a conscious choice to try it out for themselves and the more likely the seeds of community will sprout from such encounters.

In any case, while I don’t think re-wilding will ever attract large numbers of people, I think it’s important for the small number of those who are connected that way to meet up as others have mentioned here; In a certain land and place and share the life and food (literally-nothing more enjoyable I know of than eating fresh meat in a circle with others around the fire-) and go from there.

Nevermind! ;D