Primitive hair ties

I’ve tried pulling my hair back with a ribbon, but it always ends up falling out because I can’t get it as tight as a rubber band. Any ideas?

Braids, a hat, a head band, cut it, grow it. I’ve done all those things. Mines long enough for a braid now so that works for me. But I used the hat or head band before it got long enough to braid.

But what do you us to tie off your braid?

I use elastic hair ties most of the time but I use string and pieces of buckskin quite often too.

Ai just figured out a really cool way to get long hair under control without using anything but the hair itsself. Just twist it one direction until it starts to kink, then keep twisting it into the kink, while wrapping the end arround the base and pull the end through the hole created to get a simple knot that holds itsself. Did it the first time yesterday and did not have to retie it once. Ai think ai’m doing that for a while! Especially since ai’ve had trouble lately finding hair ties (and they keep breaking >:()

*two dreadlocks growing near ears, wrapped around rest of hair, tied in square knot.
*one dreadlock near back of neck or near crown, wrapped once around rest of hair, tucked under self.
;D long tangled hair=fun 8)