Portland rewild preschool

I live in SE Portland.I have a three yr old son and I would rather not just send him off to some high priced preschool to be taught civiLIEzations myths.I do however want him to play with other children of all ages and know what its like to be with people other than his mama and papa.I would like to come up with some sort of a coop preschool type something focusing on relating to nature and the community.Any Portland parents have any thoughts along these paths

yeah yeah yeah!!! let’s talk.

I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I know of a sad story where one of my co-workas would wake up at 7 am to make it to work by 9 am and take her 4 year old son to preschool where he would stay m-f for 8 hours each day or until 5 pm each day (when the mother got off work to pick him up). This reminds me of like the child going to work all day even though we call it ‘school’ it sounds more like ‘a long day at work.’ Poor kid. I don’t want this same shit to happen to our kids so please count me in.

I knew there were some others with these same thoughts.I see alot of my friends who have kids starting to do the PreschoolKindergartenGradeMiddleHighCollege thing without even a question.I know alot of parents see a necessity for working long hours as a reality.This is not my reality.I would rather spend my days with my son at my side or knowing he is with mama or someone else he knows and loves who we have trust for.So I would like to get with folks on similar paths a few times a week to do activities centering around fun,learning(not about the dominant paradigm but of a new story for our world) Maybe outdoors as much as possible.I am new at most of this so any suggestions.Our schedule is relatively open.

Hello again Portland Oregon parents.So Yarrow dreamer and Neighbor scout we are the only ones so far.So lets make it happen.My boy is getting or already gotten to into movies and other civ garbage.I want to break that cycle asap .So any day is good .Lets take the little ones to a park or somewhere the modern distractions are minimum,let the kids play and learn together.

This is a great idea and if you send a message to the portland ancestral lifeways mailing list you will probably find some other parents who would be interested. I would be willing to help but I’m not living in stumptown right now.


Trackers NW is starting a preschool program soon .I think at the end of March.I told there will be a meeting at the Scout Pit grand opening on Sunday March 9 for parents.I think the program is for kids 4 and older.I will post more info here after Sunday.

Trackers NW now has info on the website trackersnw.com for the preschool.It starts in April for one day a week .Full time preschool starting in September.