Planting device

First post. After decades of rewilding its nice to have some actual practical instuctions. I recently built a hand seeder that greatly speeds up planting seeds up to bean size. Really works well for berry seeds. I took a D handle shovel handle and attached a 1 inch wedge section of thin pipe for digging planting hole. I took a 5 foot section of clear plastic hose and taped it to handle so bottom is pointing to dug hole. The other end is long enough to be put in your mouth where you have a mouth full of seeds that your saliva may help break seed dormancy. Blow a seed into hole. Works well with minute seeds like Goji, Saskatoons, Sea Buckthorn and Aronia. I put a bunch of berries in mouth and sort seeds with tongue . II have used tillage radish in late summer to grow a hole for next season plants. The large leaves and huge tap root that rots over winter leaves a perfect growing hole full of accumulated nutrients that is mulched.

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