Personal Rewilding Journals?

Urban Scout,

I noticed you post weekly goal lists on your blog. I understand that people can also form their own blogs for this (and don’t even need the internet to make them) I was thinking it could be helpful for some to have a Post or section for people to share their personal goals and actions. I guess people already can just write posts about what they’re doing, but I wonder if having a section in the forum could encourage it even more, and even start some interesting conversations where others can give suggestions or even just get ideas from others. Again, I realize that many people use blogs for this, but in that form it feels like there’s one person as the focal point. That’s fine with blogs, just think it might inspire a bit more conversation and activity on the forum. It was kind of just a sudden thought, but I felt like I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it. Also, you said you were feeling lonely on the internets :slight_smile:

Hey Liana, that’s a great idea. Maybe it should be a thread under “Grief and Praise”?