Permaculture Links

Thought I’d start this for anyone looking for more ideas on how people can have a positive impact on their landbase.

Obviously, not everything you find in these links was written with rewilding in mind, but I think there’s some good info here for that purpose anyway.

Please feel free to add more.

Permaculture Forum

Toby Hemenway

Hypography Thread on Terra Preta

Fukuoka’s Methods

Don’t forget - a permaculture wiki

And for Discount Permaculture Books.

Thanks to TonyZ, several months ago I became convinced that I needed to take a much closer look at fungi, so I put Paul Stamet’s “Mycelium Running” on reserve at my local library. It just came in last week. Since then, my eyes have been opened to just a few of the possibilities.

I just found a short overview of some possibilities from a permaculture/food forest perspective here:

Mushrooms in Agroforestry

Plants for a future ( ) is a very useful source for information about edible, medicinal and otherwise useful plants in the temperate climate.

Lauded by the Midwest Permaculture Review, so despite the limited info in the article, I have to infer that these are permaculture greenhouses.

I’m definitely looking into this.

Native American herb uses database: