Periodical Cicadas

Periodical Cicadas are due to emerge this coming spring in SW Ohio. So, I thought I’d put some info up on them.

Ohio DNR on Cicadas


Are they coming again already?! I remember the last time, it was crazy!!! Do you remember the “Snappy Cicada Pizza” song, haha!!


Oh and I loved collecting the exoskeletons when I was little :slight_smile: it’s a favorite pastime!

yeah, should be coming your way this spring, but, prolly won’t be a huge amount this time. i think 2016 & 2021 are the next BIG cicada events, but for anyone in a good position to look for them (and the willingness to eat them) should do alright.

i don’t remember a song, but i do remember people freaking out :slight_smile:

We get plenty every year here in S.E. U.S.