Paleolithic childrearing

I have a 4 year old nephew-brother-thing and a niece or nephew due this spring that I’ll be babysitting a lot, and I’m not particularly fond of the modern human child, but they’re my kin and I wanna do good by them. How is it believed our ancestors raised and disciplined children? When the 4 year old randomly attacks me, should I give into my instinct to swat him off me? Bear in mind that for some reason, I guess my petiteness, everyone thinks I’m a child. I’m 20 and the kid insists I’m a little kid just like him. How do I assert my dominance or whatever our ancestors did?

Practice your very best, deep lion roar.

I think it depends on how far back in time you go. If your talking about the Romans, the male of the household could determine if the child lived or died soon after it was born. Strict parenting. Or, there is the exact opposite side where the child runs free and does whatever it wants because obedience isn’t ‘natural’. I personally don’t have kids but I have sisters and some of them very young that I help take care of. I would suggest looking at what animals do. A bear will teach its young what plants are edible or not. There is some kind of natural discipline in the wild, but it acts more like an understanding. I prefer a balance. Yes, put them on the steps if they get into trouble, and if they don’t stay then spank them. But don’t do it out of spite. Do it out of love, and wanting to see them become a better person. I think that’s about all I’ve got. Hope it helped!