Pack animal, goat, sheep nomads

imageI’m wondering how many people are full time, no vehicle, mostly nomadic with animals? I know of a few, a couple people with horses and they winter over on private property and a guy who does it with sheep. As well the 3 mules old fella, google him. It’s always a thought for me to try goats again. I’ve been a foot all over the country with my dog but pack animals are a whole ‘nother thing.I lived for two months on my off grid land and around it with a donkey and it was cool but alienating. Just curious if anyone can open up about any others?
Mostly pack goats, just seems more manageable than giant animals, and you could keep dairy sheep or goats as multi purpose milkers too. And obviously in today’s America it’s hard but where I’m located I figured I’d try to keep a nice little loop or small walks and home base it at my place or winter over in my moms backyard at times where I have more access to friends and supplies . . . But these things can be lonely always alone trying to start something