Pack and Carry - "Scout Pack"?

I’ve been trying to put together a pack of the sort that I would bring on a variety of occasions, such as hikes, out scouting, hunting, or on extended camping trips. I’m going for lightweight. Basically, I want to make it adequate for just about every situation. I’m also trying to convert it to more and more primitive tools, and less and less store bought stuff civilized stuff.

Here’s what I have so far:

-The Pack itself, small backpack style hydration system, kind of a Camelbak knockoff. That part holds a couple pints of water.
-3 tightly rolled small towels
-Herbal Armor deet-free bug spray (pump spray bottle)
-antler tine wrapped in leather for pressure flaking
-thin steel mirror
-rolled up steel wire
-2 sets of boot laces
-roll of jute twine
-small mint waxed dental floss
-fire piston
-Eureka tinder for piston
-lubricant for piston
-baggy of piston seals
-fishing hooks of various sizes in a plastic container
-6 leather sewing needles
-spool of black thread
-spool of artificial sinew
-compass in nylon sheath
-ulu in leather sheath
-filet knife
-length of some sort of artificial rope - at least 30’
-large military belt pouch for my first aid kit, which has:
-medical tape
-herbal salve for cuts, burns, etc.
-pump spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
-10 large butterfly bandages
-dropper bottle of willow tincture
-5 sterile gauze pads
-small bag of candied ginger
-a few band-aids
-a pair of wool socks
-MRE style turkey stew
-peanut butter crackers
-coffee can
-16" rescue style axe with cordage wrapped handle
-on the right side of the pack I can attach my leather quiver, in which I generally have a few arrows I made from dowels. It holds an extra string and a handful of obsidian arrowheads.
-on the left I can attach a rolled up alpaca wool blanket

In addition to that, I usually have strapped to my waist or in my pockets:

-survival/combat knife, the hollow handle filled with charcloth and Eureka tinder, grip wrapped in cordage
-short skinning knife, surgical stainless steel and wooden handle
-pepper spray
-ferro rod
-wire saw
-a couple of lighters
-Swiss Army knife
-small notebook
-two pencils

Typing it out, that sounds like a lot. Luckily, it’s all rather light, and the bulk of the weight comes from the blanket. Presumably, if I were attaching the quiver I would also bring a bow.

What are other people carrying? Any suggestions? Any primitive gear you’ve found particularly useful? Any easy ways to swap in more primitive stuff?

I enjoy a larger mountain gear pack with:
Small sleeping bag and wool blanket.
Small basic first aid kit
Personal tarp
Small handaxe and/or machete
water dram or storage container
hemp/jute cord, leather cord, and/or parachute cord
fishing sinkers,hooks,line
re-sealable and heavy duty plastic bag(s) housing/protecting my small book collection
bowdrill set
and on me:
combat/hunting knife
small leather side pouch (for anything I want handy)

yea…I’m sure there is more but I can’t think of it now. For my “in the future” long-term rewilding pack I would include much more.