Opinions on psychoactive plants?

I know it’s commonly believed that humans have been ingesting psychoactive plants since the Paleolithic, some scholars believe since even before we were technically human, which makes since as some species of primates are known to chew on psychoactive arthropods. So what is the prevalent opinion here on psychoactive plant use for spiritual, medicinal, and/or recreational use?

I’m not “against” it, but I’m not really inspired to do it either. I feel like intact cultures have more room for these things, as they have a guided experience within a culture that is deeply rooted to a place. Transporting these things across time and space, and taking them without the cultural “container” may lead to disastrous results. That said, I know a lot of people who have been positively impacted by taking these plants into their bodies. I enjoyed experiences myself as a teenager. I think they should not be taken lightly, or for “recreation.”

I feel like there were a couple articles written about this topic in the old Green Anarchy magazine. They are all archived online now, but I ain’t gonna surf through them to find it. Anyone remember which issue?

No undertaking in life should be taken lightly, or so I believe. I agree that most people shouldn’t take psychoactive plants without an expert present, but then again, I think most humans are lazy idiots who are physically and mentally incapable of performing and processing their owm research. They take whatever is handed to them, sacred plant or manmade toxin, along with the word of anyone who claims to be an expert regardless of evidence or motives. Ignorance rarely pays off.

Haha, that is true.