Ohio Resource

Thought I should post this here, as I’ve found some quite excellent information here. Granted, it’s specific to OH, but…

Ohio Historical Society

In addition to the historical references, there are at least a few events (including flintknapping) that should interest any regulars here.

Here’s another excellent blog I recommend for anyone in the OH area specifically, and, prolly anyone in the Longhouse Bioregion, generally.

Ohio Nature Blog

EPA analysis of climate change in Ohio.


let me know if these posts are annoying…

actually, i just realized you can change the url to reflect a particular state, so:

http://www.net.org/air/gw_impacts/wa_impct.pdf for washington

http://www.net.org/air/gw_impacts/ar_impct.pdf for arkansas

http://www.net.org/air/gw_impacts/pa_impct.pdf for pennsylvania

you get the idea…

Awesome! Thanks, I will check this out!


I found this today too, not sure where that town is located, but it’s in Ohio at least…



There’s this Ohio Survival School too… http://www.survivalschool.com/ I wish I had enough money to attend the classes, and I hope you don’t mind that I have posted these here (I am not sure if they belong in this thread! Sorry!)


i don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

We should work on getting together and going on wild edible foraging hikes or something like that, here in Ohio or surrounding areas! That would be great! I went to one in Portland hosted by my friend and it was really informative and fun :slight_smile: I am going to be studying my new books on edible wild plants in this area all winter so that come spring I will be able to go out and find them all!

Some additional links that I found quite some time ago, but for one reason or another never posted.

A rough guide to when to look for what, not exactly breakthru information for most of us, but I thought I’d include it anyway:

The Ohio Atlatl association:

State park info:

I’m something of a bike fan, at least insofar as getting around while we transition to a more human lifestyle.

So here’s a breakdown of Ohio bike laws:

And a blog on bike commuting in Columbus: