Network/Community of Wildsteaders

I am hoping we can within the rewilding movement, create a network of wildsteaders. A wildsteader would be a rewilder with their own place, skills to share, or items to trade (not so much a part of any intentional community, though those are welcomed in the network). Whether one person, a family-group, or a group of friends sharing land, this would be for trade, visiting, and community building without being in an intentional community.

If you are for it, share your local (state/nation/region), skills, and/or items for trade.

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I and my husband live on the Blackened Forest Wildstead (currently on family land, but saving for our own land) in Kentucky.

My skills are: I am a novice herbalist being trained in foraging and herbal medicine by Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. I have a certificate as a Natural Health Consultant, and I am 4 years into rewilding (not counting my half feral childhood).

My husbands skills: Novice wood carver, novice bushcrafter.

Both of us have lived off-grid and semi-off grid.

Can Trade: ? - Still working on.

This is interesting, and I would have been thinking still some intentional community might be needed, if there was such a one approaching this. But community building is needed, for the sake of lasting ways for people to be living. And people need to be compatible to be together for this, we should not have difficulties with our beliefs among others for that.

I know of natural farming ways I would like to have some use of for growing some things in simplicity. And as I write, I see use in making paper, and want to learn of natural inks. There can still be written things for others that this way may still spread, when internet connections, and even phones, might not be used anymore, as those are not a part of such simplicity.

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