Nettle Rinse for hair

I have been having great success using the remnants of my nettle infusion to rinse my hair in the shower. I got the idea from Susun Weed’s website. Then later I read that Nettle is supposed to help prevent dandruff and to restore the natural colour of hair. Not that I really need either of these, but nettle feels great and I love pouring something green and earthy smelling on my head in the morning. It reminds me of swimming in creeks in the summer.

Good to know, thanks margi. I do struggle with dandruff and I’ll try anything (esp. wild!) to tame the beast. :wink:

What do you infuse the nettle in, btw? And do you use the whole plant or just the leaves, or does it matter either way?

I’ve been using 1 oz. dried nettle leaf infused in 1L of boiled distilled water in a large mason jar, left overnight. I drink most of the infusion through the day and leave about 1/2 c to use as a hair rinse the next day. It feels sooo nice on your scalp – warm and slightly tingly!

Sounds great! And yummy, like nettle tea. I once had some delicious nettle-mint tea. I bet a nettle-mint infusion would be good for scalp care. The mint could have some bug repellent properties, too.

Thanks again.

i just set up nettle root with cold water. is there a diffrence between root and leaf? What is it?

Whats good for hair. can i put some other things erbs in the water

my hair feel a little dry an not so nutriated.