Naked And Afraid

Has anyone here seen the show Naked And Afraid? It’s a reality TV show in which a survivalist man and a survivalist woman are put in a remote area to survive with just each other, no clothing (they usually end up making their own), and just a few choice tools.

On one hand, I like the show because it shows that the human body CAN endure the wild, even in it’s harshest conditions. On the other hand, it often makes nature out to seem rather…negative, almost a force in need of conquering. Albeit it isn’t always like that, they had a pagan who worshipped nature on the show once before. I’ve seen countless complaints from animal rights activists because of the hunting on the show though, deeming it too “graphic” and cruel.

On a side, and rather irrelevant note, I was once asked by this company(?) called Metal Flowers Media to apply to be on the show after they found and followed my anticiv-based Instagram account…but I didn’t really look into it so it could easily be a scam. Plus, I’m fairly sure minors are not allowed to be naked on TV, let alone naked AND afraid at the same time. :o ;D

this show and the show Alone are prime examples of people overestimating their skill sets and the mental fortitude to cope with extreme conditions … notice that many men cave in compared to the women … attitude is a killer as well… having a mindset of driving forward to a set time , it is not like they do not know when it is going to end. at least from the start they have a light at the end of the tunnel not like in a real life situation where they have no clue how long it will take to be back to the home fires… points out the weakness for all really fast and faster than they would have ever thought otherwise… and they have the advantage of tapping out … and having a crew standing by at a moments notice if they get into a jam of any kind… real life doesnt have that advantage…Over the years I ve written many articles on this subject … many are currently included on my blog… In my observations most men over estimate their skill set and their mental toughness… kind of an ego thing … Ego can kill you …