Must-see Media, IMHO

I call you insane, if you haven’t seen:

'the Great Dance: a Hunter’s Story"
bushman trackers
‘the Labyrinth’
young woman’s coming of age
‘the adventures of urban scout’
‘Princess Mononoke’
civilization vs. the wild
‘the Dark Crystal’
a young gelfling’s coming of age (and the apocalypse!)
‘Rabbit Proof Fence’
indigenous freedom
‘Spirited Away’
a young girl’s introduction to the animist world
‘Pom Poko’
cute japanese raccoon dogs kill housing construction workers

'the Labyrinth' young woman's coming of age 'the adventures of urban scout' ditto


Don’t forget “Pan’s Labyrinth”
Civilization Vs. Wild

I LOVE Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away!!

How about Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner.

**** possible spoilers for Pan’s Labyrinth ****

Alright, I went and downloaded Pan’s Labyrinth because it’s been mentioned on here before. I can see where it’s theme can be described as civilization vs. wild, but it’s very subtle and will probably be missed by anyone who’s not into primitivism. Even the ending features princesses, kings and kingdoms. Sounds pretty civilized to me. Though, I’m very glad that they broke away from Christian mythology and didn’t demonize Pan, although they alluded to it at points.

here’s a cool link to a place where you can find lots of streaming video for movies and tv shows. i noticed they had pan’s labrynth on there.

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Any fans of the TV show “Lost”?

primitivist critique of civ. short story, plane crashes on weird island, and the survivors begin forming a tribe. The psychos that live on the island, in their suburban ranch style homes, start hunting, kidnapping torturing and murdering the survivors. THey are some weird super elitists, from the Dharma Initiative, who do psychological experiments and other assorted strangness. The whole show is about how civ is crazy and the survivors go tribal.

Great show, I highly recommend it. It’s the second show ever that I have scheduled to watch each week. The other was Twin Peaks when I was a kid.

Yeah, I remember when Lost first started thinking, “dude, that’s exactly what I want: if you survive the plane crash you get to be tribal”. i saw Locke start to become a hunting chief and Jack becoming a tribal chief. but then the hatch came along and locked them all up in stupid civilized practices again like eating out of boxes and pushing buttons. now desmond seems to be some kind of “contrary”.

you might like the lostpedia, rory. i’m with you, it’s one of the few shows i make sure i fit into my time (Heroes is the other one.) Plus I love that you can watch the last 4 episodes online at


Mea Culpa. I shoulda put Pan’s Labyrinth up first thing!


ATANARJUAAAAAAAAAAT! I loved that movie.


I both love and hate LOST. Maybe I mostly hate it.


Damn you for that link. Damn you.

Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (cough, cough) ha ha

William ~ I don’t know many people who have seen Atanarjuat. It’s nice to know someone else enjoyed it as much as me.

Yes, I love the Fast Runner too. I recommend it.

I started a new page on the wiki where we can compile a list of all our favorite media and write reviews.

I watched Pan’s Labyrinth the other day…loved it! Also, soon after watching it I had to add it to my “must-see” movie list on my myspace profile ( ) as # 81.

‘Ten Canoes’ is another must see.

Pre-invasion northern Australia, absolutely brilliant.

Has anyone seen (中国の鳥人) Bird people in China???

The struggles of a budding company man and a burnt out Yakuza to save a village from Civ and it’s dreams of further domestication and electricity.
In a weird Takashi Miike kinda way.

yea pans labyrinth was awesome

I just watched Apocalypto last night, and I gotta say, that movie ROCKED!

I know people have some pretty heated feelings about Mel Gibson, but put that aside, if you can, and enjoy a really amazing story about a hunter-gatherer’s direct struggle with civilization. And the action scenes blew me away.

Yeah, Apocalypto was kick-ass and can easily be interpreted as anti-civ. I’m sure it wasn’t exactly the filmmaker’s intention, but the whole movie was filled with anti-civ material.

The Fountain! The Fountain! THE MOTHERFUCKING FOUNTAIN!!!

It’s the greatest movie evar, EVAR. Summary: “An examination of death from an animist perspective, with kick-ass special effects and half-naked Hugh Jackman.” And it’s directed by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream). GO SEE IT, DAMMIT!!!