Mugwort and wheatgrass tea for dreams? O.o

So I’m used to having very vivid dreams, often extremely unpleasant, and hard to ever forget. Now lately, my dreams are just as vivid as ever. That hasn’t changed. But they feel good, empowering, significant in some way…except now I struggle to remember them. Just little snippets and an overwhelming feeling that I need to remember the rest.

I’ve been planning on acquiring some mugwort, hoping it’ll help to clarify whatever good message I’m not quite getting. I bet I’d remember just fine if they were nightmares. Maybe I should just be satisfied with the newfound optimism these dreams give me, but nope, I feel like they wouldn’t be so vivid, so right on the tip of my brain-tongue, if I wasn’t meant to remember the message. And then I had another dream the night before last.

Drink mugwort and wheatgrass. That’s what I was told, that’s all I remember, and it has stuck in my head like a bur in the foot. My dream told me to drink mugwort with wheatgrass, preferably for my intentionof better remembering such dreams. Now I understand the mugwort, but I’ve never once heard or read about wheatgrass as being a dreaming herb. Probably gonna try it though.

I imagine that whatever is mixed with a dreaming herb will affect the quality of dreams. The role of agriculture in humanity’s fall from grace, as well as how best to honor the plants we’ve exploited as crops, has indeed been on my mind lately. I feel I may be going mad as I see so many connections…

Particularly the relationship between grain and flame, the fiery serpentine/avian spirits of ancient myths who brought that power, the role of shamans in mediating our relationships with such power, and the decline from true healing to modern medicine as humanity forged its ecological monopoly…

So how might wheatgrass and mugwort tea help me wrap my primate brain around all this? Has anyone felt a similar calling to ask strange combinations of herbs for aid? I apologize if this question comes across as strange or confusing, it probably is one of the stranger messages I’ve received as well.

I know the Native Americans smoked sumac tree leaves when they turned red in the fall to help remember dreams. I’ve had some really profound dreams. One time was after I drank blue cohosh root tea. I tried this wild harvested Spanish bee pollen which changed them a bit.

Drinking mugwort tea never really worked for me. However the week when I hung a few sprigs to dry over my bed had some of the most far-out dreams I’ve had in a long time. Another way I’ve not tried is the ‘herb pillow’, with some of the plant put in a sock or similar cloth bag under wherever you put your head at night. Don’t know about wheatgrass or combinations. Worth a shot - interested to hear results!


SerpentSun. I’m thinking the wheatgrass may be for your body and the mugwort may be for your mind. Maybe your body is experiencing something on a deeper level and requires different nutrients. Mugwort has different effects on everybody, I find it gives me joyful pleasant dreams that are very vivid but almost feel exhausting. Sometimes they feel important and sometimes it’s just nonsense from my day all scrambled up into vivid scenarios. I don’t use it more than once a week because I don’t feel well rested. It sounds like you spend a lot of time with your dreams, maybe analyze the snippets you are receiving. Sometimes what sticks to the surface in our wakeful state, what we remember, is the most important part for us right now. If you’re dreaming about specific plants than I think you really need to bring them into your life. Plants don’t just appear in our dreams for no reason.