Most primitive tool

I would like to know how ya’ll tool around in the woods. Maybe one might discuss the most primitive use, or the most impromptu use, or the wackiest use of avaiable tools; you decide!
( e-priming or not?)

I like using a tree as a tool: climbing it, so you can see farther. That has been my tool of choice in my experiences in nature.


Well, ai was just readin about the differences in Neandertal and Sapiens hunting technology. It seems that Neandertals used sharpened sticks as stabbing spears and not much else until they were almost gone. Only after several thousand years did they start to use fire in hunting to scare mamoths off cliffs. While Sapiens used stone-tipped spears that could be thrown, nets and traps for small game, and quickly came up with improvements on spears in order to propel them easyer (ie. atlatl, later bows).

huh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing.

The most wild, wacky use of a primitive tool was probably a big rock thrown in a river to use as a bridge (can’t get new mocs wet)… It’s hard to beat a tree :slight_smile:

For my lack of money, you can’t beat a good walking staff. 6 feet of solid, strong and strait wood, an inch or so in diameter, with a little but not to much give. It’s a defense weapon, it’s a tent pole, it’s a balance aid, it helps keep pace, it digs, it prys, it holds things up or weighs them down. Man, Too many good uses to list.

break sticks with your butt like tony k

I once yanked a vine down out of a tree… it broke off about 15 feet up and came crashing down. What I didnt notice was the possum that had ahold of it. He hit the ground about 10 feet away scaring the crap out of me. Out of reflex I “bullwhip” cracked the vine and caught it right in the head. Killed him instantly…

After catching my breath and calming down. I took him home and he was yummy.

My underwear wasnt so much :frowning: