I’ve been fascinated with MBTI recently and just out of curiosity I’m wondering if anyone here has ever been tested or knows their best-fit type and are willing to share. Now the tests you can find online aren’t accurate so it’s best to just use those as a guide, and then use the test to help you choose which type you think fits you best. Yeah, I know it’s weird bringing this up, but I tend to come across a concept, become obsessed with it for a short while, then move on. This has become one of those recent obsessions. I consider myself an INFP and these test results seem pretty accurate.

Hey locke, I love the MBTI, although I’ve become more skeptical of personality labels. Still, it is fascinating to think about the different paradigms personalities can be built around.

I test INFx (I’ve received both results with relatively equal frequencies), although I consider myself an INFJ. I’ve heard that it is common for INFJs or INFPs to love personality tests. :wink:

In high school I tested solid INTP.

Ten years ago, I answered 19 out of 20 questions N. That figure is more like 75% now.
I am about 100% I and that has not changed. :slight_smile:

I’ll second (or third?) the appreciation for the MBTI. I studied psychology in high school and college, which has led me to mostly hate civilized psychology, and the MBTI is one of the better evaluation tools I’ve learned. I can’t remember what I scored as, but I do remember that it was eerily true.

It’s funny, I used to think I was an INTP too. I eventually realized that I was far better at fantasizing than theorizing.

I’ve been reading some other forums and there were some people who derided MBTI for just this reason. They said it was no better than astrology. I have no problem with MBTI or astrology, in fact a prefer systems with vague categorizations that are open to interpretation.

From what I’ve heard of Carl Jung, I think a lot of his writing could be useful to rewilding, especially on the points at which he diverged from Freud. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may be totally misinformed or off the mark; Dan (and others out there?) would probably have more insight into that. I’ve been meaning to read some of Jung’s writing that is of interest to me, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

(P.S. – Just in case anyone is confused, Jung is relevant here because he originally identified/described the personality traits that one tests for in the MBTI, although Myers and Briggs were the ones who developed the test itself.)

It’s funny, I used to think I was an INTP too. I eventually realized that I was far better at fantasizing than theorizing.[/quote]

Haha, yes, it damaged my self-esteem quite a bit when I realized I had to start questioning my own credibility. :slight_smile: Now I’m more likely to see it as a fun game: where could I be wrong here?

Beh, typical P. ;D

Just as with astrology, most of the people harping on it for being vague, hokey, and pseudo-scientific without actually evaluating it on a level that actually allows them proper critical analysis. Typically, it’s people who’ve only been exposed to some chopped-down version or another, like newspaper horoscopes for astrology and crappy internet tests for things like MBTI. Neither are perfect, of course, but their ability to make predictions about personality based on the interactions of a few traits is suprisingly good.

[quote=“BlueHeron, post:6, topic:1073”]From what I’ve heard of Carl Jung, I think a lot of his writing could be useful to rewilding, especially on the points at which he diverged from Freud. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may be totally misinformed or off the mark; Dan (and others out there?) would probably have more insight into that.[/quote]

Jung’s work is certainly way more useful to us rewilders than, say Freud. His theories are open to the importance of spirit, and are a good place to begin looking at the importance of cultural myths on our psyches. Plus, he ditched a lot of the more overtly sexist shit Freud thought up.

I remember stumbling across a psych book that attempted to explain some of Jung’s theories when I was a young teen. I have to admit, the parts on archetypes & myths has really stuck with me.

I’ve taken the “official” MBTI once (about a decade ago) and received a result of INTP (strong I, moderate N & T, light P).

I’ve since taken an online version and received a result of INFP.

Not entirely sure what to make of that. I can’t much say that either description strikes me as entirely accurate. Maybe I straddle them both…?

Still tho’, I think the MBTI describes folk pretty well, as long as you pay attention to the limits of the test.

I took the MBTI a long time ago. I think I got INTP or INFP (funny how we all got similar scores). When I was younger, I took a lot of personality tests. most of the time, I did not fit into any of the categories. For example, when I took the MBTI, the only category I fit solidly into was introvert; with all the others I was in the middle. Many of the tests I took The personality categorization system that I like best is The Color Code.

Don’t let the website’s marketing jargon put you off. If I had not read the book, I would completely dismiss that website. The Color Code is the only system that I feel really explains myself and the people I know. The book goes into a lot more detail about the characteristics of the colors, secondary colors, relationships, etc. My primary color is white, but I have a lot of blue characteristics. It’s hard to believe that everyone in the world fits into one of four categories, but they really do fit. Lately I’ve been wondering whether these categories apply to non-humans as well. I’m willing to bet that most people on this website are either blues, or have blue as a secondary color.

I like the Enneagram, too (“Enneagram” because there are 9 outcomes, and a 9-sided star is called an enneagram in geometry). It’s not as well known as a lot of other personality tests, but I think it’s quite substantial. You can find an online test, and lots of information, at http://www.9types.com/.

The Enneagram, IMHO, provides some useful insights after one’s “type” is established.

I haven’t taken the test in years… used to test as a 5. I just retook it and now I am either a 4 or a 6.

EDIT: after taking both of the tests on the site, I most definitely test as a 4.

I’m curious to see what others get? I wonder if there’s a correlation between Enneagram and MBTI. I suspect so, because when I was an INTP, I was also a 5, and now both of my test scores have changed to INFJ and 4.

I got a tie between type 4 and type 9

Is there a place where one can take the Color Code test for free online?

It’s my secret desire (well, not so secret now) that the entire range of personalities is represented among people who are rewilding. The more diversity and variety of ways of thinking/relating, the better, IMHO. However, the forum itself may not actually represent rewilders fairly, because some people (some personalities?) might not be inclined to join/participate in a web forum in the first place.

This one is free: http://ssm.thecolorcode.com/homepage.html#

It gave me a blue result.

Indeed it is. I’ve taken the MBTI several times in high school, college and even for a few (ugh) work place tests. I’ve always always “scored” as an INTP. At least I’m consistent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a five/nine on the enneagram.

Heheh, ai think ai got INTP… :stuck_out_tongue:
But mostly, ai came close to getting the other letters.
(last sentence e-primed from “But they were mostly close”. Proud of maiself for that one 8))

Chase, that makes total sense. About you getting INTP, I mean.

I’m the color blue. Motivated by intimacy, loyal. Can be worry-prone and moody (haha!). “They are “sainted pit-bulls” who never let go of something or someone, once they are committed.” (Yikes, do I have something in common w/ Sarah Palin??!?)

For anyone interested, here’s an overview of all 16 MBTI types, in bite sized snacks:

Well, damn… do we have any E’s or S’s in the house??

um, nope~!

enneagram 4
color code: blue

the internet is absolutely full of IN types. everytime i read that IN types are only 3% or so of the population, i laugh because they’re ALL on the internet blabbing to each other, seemingly at any time of day.

put 'em in a room together and it would be pin-drop time.