Man-Hunting Killer Robots!

I wish this was science fiction:

I nearly puked and shit myself at the same time when I read this. At least I am vindicated in my fear of robots. :-\

Terminator in real life.All hail king Arnold

Can’t really say I’m surprised… :-[

Robots are scary, but I have to admit aliens freak me out the most…I really hope the government doesn’t hire any of those to kill people any time soon…I can just imagine them recruiting space aliens, and like puting “we want you” orbiting adds up all over the universe…Haha!

(but for serious, scary shit!)

repeat with me … EMP EMP EMP EMP EMP

I’m not so worried about any potential aliens. If there are aliens out there somewhere, I don’t consider it very likely that they’ll be as insane as our culture. Robots, on the other hand, will be programmed in a way that implies the technological progressivism, so it’ll be an essential part of any AI.

Also, aliens are likely to be made of flesh, and at he most would be scaly, so a 9mm shell or a broad head arrow will probably stop them. But robots made of almost entirely metal are another story.

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(but for serious, scary shit!)[/quote]

Oh no, LOLCats invade all my threads! :stuck_out_tongue:

Robot from Laputa! Genious!
But for serious, this sucks. :-X

I wonder if emp would take these robots out.I think they would be shielded for that reason.