Male and female seeking other female

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this forum isn’t very active and I doubt anyone cares. xD My mate and I have been considering committed polyamory, or at least close friends besides each other. Just good friends would be fine because we have none but we’re definitely open to benefits. Must be a bi chick because I’m a bi chick and he’s a straight guy, and we want equal compatibility and connection, not a harem or supervised cheating. Obviously looking for another rewilder, someone opposed to the pharmaceutical industries and other sources of manmade toxins, and who takes care of themselves by being outside and active. 18-30 would be prefered, but we’re open to older or younger to an extent. We also don’t drink, don’t care if you do, just don’t do it around us. Any other traits are up for God to decide is best for us. :stuck_out_tongue: