Looking for Anthropik

I occasionally read the Anthropik archives and I noticed they have been removed or gone. Does anyone know where they went?

Fear not! They will return. We had some trouble with a previous site migration. Jason is also writing new articles specifically for this site, which he says he is more proud of than our beloved 30 Theses! I’ve read a sneak peak, and I can tell you they are really, really good. We’ll be releasing a new one every two weeks starting in February!

Thanks, Peter. My hope is to re-read the Anthropik archives with a much more different perspective and attitude in my late 20s that I had in my late teens/early 20s when I first came to the site, and made very stupid and silly mistakes to so many people in ignorance and impatience.

Hi. So February has come and gone. Im still looking for the archives and the new articles? Does anyone know where they were posted?

Any updates regarding where the Anthropik Network moved to?

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