Living in the wild- as a non-human animal?

Hi everyone,

I am working on a film development project for National Geographic Wild on the concept of “rewilding," and going back to the animal way of life, to live. We will touch on the animal/human boundary, and what it means to be “human” and “animal."

I’ve also been reading about Charles Foster and Thomas Thwaites, who have taken this to the next level. What are your perspectives on their approaches to life, and going back to living more like non-human animals? I am looking for people who live, for at least part of their lives, wildly, in a similar way to non-human animals.


No hostility intended SerpentSun, but I’d prefer if you spoke for yourself. Using “we” and “our” is not working for myself.

This is a bit off the topic, but I want to encourage people who consider themselves rewilders to represent themselves in the media by making the media. I’m still strongly in favor of “mainstream” movies and tv shows and what not on rewilding. I just feel there needs to be a balance of some sort. And, I think rewilding media could potentially fund land projects for rewilding and conservation rather than large media conglomerates (though I believe NG does conservation and I’m excited they are open to exploring rewilding, even on shows like Live Free or Die).

A terrible example is the folks at Wild Roots shown on the daily show. They were set up to be made fun of and it’s excruciating to watch.

I guess one analogy could be “underground” punk music vs. mainstream punk on major labels. I like that many bands control how they are represented and get most of the profits, if not all. Another example is Crimethinc.