Living in national forest

I’m thinking of saying to hell with it all and move to the forest; I know about the time limit but I don’t really care about it. I think I have a few places to choose from, most of which are in Virginia.
I’m a survivalist, know how/ love hunting. I drive a tractor trailer right now and that’s given me plenty time to see where would be great place to, well in all honesty, squat.
I am thinking of making a home deep in the forest somewhere, a place where I can hunt, fish, and mainly just get back in touch with nature.
I’ve got a Barnett crossbow and a mosin nagant rifle for hunting and rifle mainly for protection against large game. I’ve got a large back country tent, will invest in small portable solar panels. Water treatment and most likely get some solar lights.
I am more than likely going to go out and do this, but if I could find like minded people, that would be great.