Live Trap for Feral Goats

Hey e’ry body.

I’m going to rewild in hawaii and I was wondering if anyone knew how I might be able to live trap a goat without harming it.

I’m not interested in any method that would necessarily harm them, I can take them with my bow and arrow easy enough, I’m more interested in a catching them unhurt.

I’ll be scouring the internet for ways to do that but thought I would tap the knowledgeable folks here on rewild.



If you find a site with info, place post a link here to it. That sounds awesome. Good Luck!

Thanks US.

Well I’m not used to getting skunked on the internet but over an hour’s search turned up nothing.

My fallback plan is to use a lariat, a pit would do the trick but that’s a lot of work.

The only live trap for goats that I saw was to use goat proof fencing to block off and area and it has a one way gate so they can get in but not out.

Guess I better learn to Lasso!


[quote=“Speqtuer, post:3, topic:1169”]Guess I better learn to Lasso!


or make some bolas:

Yeah you know it’s funny you should mention that TT, I just found an old set of real functional bolas from south America, though I think they use them for Ostrich down there.

Unfortunately these are a bit large but I may rig up a smaller set here before my trip, or maybe one that can be fitted with weights once I get to where I’m going.

Great Idea TT!


Turns out that the goats in this area, Hawaii, can be so tame that they can be taken by hand. While this info is not much use from the rewilding standpoint, it sure does make my life easier! :wink:


Ostrich?? You must be talking about a feral ostrich population because ostriches live in Africa.

This may show my ignorance of the subject, but I think there’s a bird somewhat similar in S America… Rhea, maybe…?

Yea, thats the one ;).

Hey Speqtuer where in Hawaii are you

I will be on Kaua’i.

The Rhea, AKA American Ostrich.


I have some family in Maui upcountry.We have seen some feral goats on the ranch land adjacent to the land.If you have any luck rounding up some let us know how.I would like to try to get some for my family the next time we go over there.

I will be wilding pretty hardcore, not sure yet how often if at all I will come out of the jungle, but if I do I will be sure to report!


you could also set some foot snares. but i dont know how you’d want to deal with thatpissed off goat…

I came, I saw, I conquered!

Just kidding, but seriously, I followed through and went to Hawaii, it was awesome!

The goats were all over the place and tame enough that with a little patience, stealth and speed they could have been taken by hand.

It is a rewilder’s paradise back there. Fruit growing everywhere, fresh mountain water flowing abundantly, a generally hospitable climate, game for the taking, and good fishing.

If ya’ll want to know details, let me know.


what was your plan for the live un-harmed goats?

I was hoping to milk one of the lady goats, heaven knows there were enough of them!

Paradise was going to be perfect but not without fresh raw dairy!


sounds great, man. but, you speak in past tense. was it just an exercise, or are you still there?

Thats easy… you make a goat box…

Kinda hard to explain, but it’s a bob, with a hole on it… You bait it with something yummy… like a piece of fruit… there is a board inside that is spring loaded, and the trigger is tied to the fruit… the goat reaches his head inside and tries to pull out the fruit, the string trips the board, the spring pulls it down on the animals neck, just enough to keep it from pullin it’s head out, and you got him… My gramma used to gatch her goat like that… it would run off all the time. you just need to set it up near where you know the goat is and wait… when the goat gets caught it will let you know… aparently goats don’t like getting their heads caught in boxes!

That’s a great idea wenatcheeguy, simple and effective, I like it!

yes bikerdruid, I went and while I was there had a change of plans. It is a rewilders paradise back there though. A place where someone could ease in to rewilding. Plenty to eat, unlimited fresh water and a mild climate as well as lots of like minded individuals should you be one for communal living.

Instead though I think I’ll head up to Northern MN/Ontario/manitoba area and rewild spring/summer there, then to the southern US for winter.