Let's Create an Affinity Group to transition to Alaska

In the context of runaway climate change–and just a plain adventure–I’m
looking for fellow adventurers to go up to Alaska and full-time rewild
with me ASAP (if only to visit and consider living up there; there being
the Tanana Valley near Fairbanks). There is already land and people up
there who can help us get started. I want to create a supportive
affinity group that share: skills, tools, mutual aid, empathic
connection, support, and friendship. I need a group to prepare for
not what’s coming, but what is already here. The ship has hit the iceberg
and the slow decline has begun.

It’s awfully lonely preparing for this adventure on my
own. I feel so strange, sad, and confused why more people are not
considering going up there given how rapidly things are changing…To me
the time to go was yesterday. This is all vulnerable to share on FB/rewild.com,
yet it’s something I think about everyday. I’m not really sure how else
to meet up to do this. If you are interested, I can get into
specifics and potentially meet up with you. I’m currently in the
Corvallis, OR area. I have to admit I’m very shy and particular about
who I hang out with. And I feel I need to try and “recruit” folks
regardless. I have references from my loving and close friends to prove
I’m not an axe murderer and instead nice, humble, and caring person to
work with.


:slight_smile: I will see you up there… and be up there as soon as I can get a visa sorted. There are a couple of others I know of who are interested, but need to get things sorted out first, not to mention go for a looksy to see if that kind of climate could work for them.

I think it truly has the potential to form a supportive community of rewilders and look forward to that becoming a reality

I like this idea a lot. Getting to Alaska has been on my mind for a long time. I understand the feeling you have about being alone

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The Tanana Valley has a lot going for it, and Alaska in general. Living on the river can get you thousands of fish (the limit is 2000 each), moose, beaver, bear, grouse, snowshoe hard…Lots of food, unlike many lower 48 places. There are several people up there who can help folks get started and have lots of experience living with the land. And it’s just plain beautiful up there.

What else? Alaska has subsistence built into it’s constitution so people are aloud to hunt/fish to keep going. Unlike the Into the Wild situation, I think it’s the least scary of the options available right now.

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I like this Idea, what stage is the process in currently?

i lived further west in the interior from may 16-may 17. built a cabin, milled all the wood on site, insulated w/moss, hunted moose, netted salmon. from what i have seen from feralculture & dave & jenna of boreal journeys, that part of the interior has several big advantages over where we were at (60 mi upriver of mcgrath). i would like to go visit with them sometime this year, maybe help build some structures, maybe be in that area part of each year.

Where am I at now? I got a job tanning hides near Santa Fe, NM. I’m going up to Alaska this Spring.

Until then I’m making/buying gear, learning skills, and trying to meet other interesting people. Sometimes all at once, since I’m going to Winter Count in February.

What I’m working on currently: making a crooked knife from a file, making a yew bow, making/hafting an axe handle. And hides. Always tons of hides.