Justifications for human domestication?

Has anyone else ever noticed that the justifications often cir=ted by people for why civilization is better for people than wildness are the same justifications given in childrens shows for why animals are probably better off in zoos than in the wild?

Security over liberty? As in we’re weak stupid animals who are safer in cages, gilded or not, with responsible caretakers to feed us our daily slop, rather than free to indulge our instincts and chance the danger and wonder of our own destinies? Yeah sounds about right. xD I like you.

And how the hell do you get to be global moderator with less than half my posts? O.o Damn this site needs more traffic, y’all are the only people I can find to talk to with a lick of sense. Dx

I don’t enjoy figuring out new websites, so I unfortunately mostly stick to FB. I am a mod here, because I am there.