Join us in Southern Colorado

My wife and I live and teach at Earth Knack, a Stone-Age living school near the town of Crestone, Colorado on the western edge of the northern Sangre de Cristo mountains. We welcome interns Spring through Fall to live with us here and adopt as primitive a lifestyle as they wish: living outside, cooking on a fire, hunting and gathering most of our food, dwelling in primitive shelters, relying on stone tools, making and wearing beautiful buckskin clothing, and working and playing hard in an electronics-free zone. We hold space for you to go as deep as you wish into this kind of life. All the while we hold classes and workshops to teach folks of all ages how to survive and thrive in a truly sustainable way.

If you’re interested in joining us as an intern, or if you think you have the skills to contribute to the livelihood of our tribe, find more information at

I love Earth Knack! Glad you guys are part of this forum. :smiley:

It sounds interesting. But how necessary is it with committing to a time living in this way to be depending on use of animals? Is it possible for any coming to this to choose a plant-based approach? Is enough there for it? Would it be possible to grow things for some of what is needed?

I know this topic is old, but I’m wondering on how your doing? Has this post brought you many dwellers? I’m am contemplating on moving our family to CO to be a part of a community or start one that researches sustainable community development utilizing trash as fuel and building materials to pioneer a whole village. Think of earthships but using 99% recycled materials and add methane digesters for fuel, magnetic gennys, fresnal lense technology, pyrolisis to turn plastic into gas, etc. We call our earthships,- Gaiaships.

I wish they would answer, as I have waited for response from them. What I asked is relevant, as they say greater sustainable living is needed that can come through such difference in living, and I know with being plant-based while holding as primitive a way to live, with any others involved, is the most sustainable way possible, and this is called for in this world now, with all of us in it, great change must be made, and quickly. Knowledge and communication for it must then grow, quickly, for such change, until the communication to bring it about is no longer needed.