Just starting a new thread cos the other one is old now. Anyone in Ireland want to meet up and see what we can do?

Hey Nameless. Did you ever run a rewild skills share in Ireland?

Hi Peter,

No I don’t really have the skills to do one, just trying to find others here. There are some over in the UK but I can’t really afford to go there (only places where the tobacco is cheap enough to pay for the trip, like Spain, which is nicer anyway!)

IF someone is here and able to do one, there is a project,

I haven’t checked it out much yet, trying to make contact at this stage, put off by all the bureaucrats involved, but the guy in charge seems good. I’m working on an idea to use a new natural woodland grant to persuade ‘landownders’ to lease us a big piece of land to rewild.

Hi nameless,

Conas atá tú? What’s the story… how did you come across rewilding? it’s unusual for someone in Ireland to have heard of it.

I don’t really do any rewilding stuff anymore, but I was heavily involved in it for several years in America.

I can relate to the frustration of not being able to find anyone who is interested in your local area. If you are ever around Dublin you can give me a shout if you want to have a chat about it. E-mail me on

Good luck,

Hi Patrick, sorry I missed this reply till now. I’m sure there are folks over here who would be into reviving Ireland’s wilderness. I’m not doing much either, except a corner of the field next to my house.

America is so different to Europe. I think the only true wilderness left is Bialowieza.

I’m asking around because it’s the only possibility I have, to do something here. The best possibility I’ve found is the Natural Forestry Grants which the EU imposed on us, and which the likes of Coillte have so far managed to obstruct. It’d be quite possible to regenerate some of the uplands and use the grants to pay for the land.

I guess I haven’t learnt my lessons about grants yet!