Instagram Artist Defaces National Parks

[font=georgia]So I noticed this article/blogpost - another classic example of the corrupted mind set. [/font]

[font=georgia]Some of the responses are humorous. I saw one who was actually defending her actions:[/font]

“so its cool when the so called “Indigenous people” aren’t we all “Indigenous” to this earth, anyway,… Draw pictures and Carve into Rock, but O NO, how dare one of Us leave our mark… you all are brainwashed into thinking you are worthless and have no right to leave a signature on this earth … Well I am going to CARVE my Tag into a OLD TREE this week some were”

[font=georgia]Clearly a foolish one he is, showing he has no clue what he is speaking about. [At least in my opinion]

Any thoughts?[/font]

I agree with you… looking around the high desert where I live , not in a nat’l park. A lot of huge boulders just off a highway, the 247, are marked with crap names and slogans that take away the beauty of the rocks, covered in the slime of these enemies of nature. Some have been marked for years going back to the 1940s . Some seem to think that leaving their name painted on a rock has some sort of significance to others . It is like a tattoo with an ex lovers name with a line through the name added by 4 other names., all with a line through them … means nothing except being stupid with no respect for ones self. A selfish act of look at me, and we dont know or care who you are. I find it disgusting.