I need some help here

I feel I need some guidance…

I’ve been reading through a lot of beautiful stuff here, so many amazing thoughts and communications…

However, even if it is the most interesting relevant article to do with what I need to know I can never think of words to question or even add to it…

I find this even in life (civilization) I don’t socialize/communicate well. (by socialize I mean more along the lines of general stuff, were it “i saw goose tracks heading up the stream” I’d be all ears)

I work in tech support, and have done since i was 15 (I’m 22 now).

If i want to make something work I can literally think of it and imagine how it should work in my mind and go to work, like a trap for instance.

I could then even make it and show someone else how to do it…

in the idea that I was part of a village… I feel I would be the person who just sat in the background always thinking of “solving technical problems” (wheither it be how to make a trap go off faster, or how to make a hut more weather proof)…

I’d probably end up with a name than “quietly he plays with wood”

.< I can’t even ask a question properly. gah

Do you think I would just be the helpful go-to-guy who knows much about making things ?

at least that’s the feeling i get, which I like, since that’s why i took up tech support roles in the first place, i love making and teaching stuff i guess

Well, if it helps you feel better, I feel that a lot of the ways people socialize in our civilization are contrived or artificial. Especially in cities where you’re always meeting new people and having superficial interactions with strangers. There are a lot of kinds of socialization that I’d rather not participate in. For example, I think it’s really boring to have a conversation about a sale going on at The Gap, yet people have conversations like that all the time.

Obviously I don’t know you, so I can’t give you very concrete advice. But I’d ask you to consider that maybe the problem is not with you, but with your social environs, which marginalize the kind of social interactions that feel fulfilling to you. (This is part of my experience in civ, anyway.) At the same time, you’re not exempt from relearning how to communicate. You, I, and everybody who rewilds has a lot of work to do at learning how to communicate effectively in a “village” or “tribe” kind of society; that’s a lifelong challenge for all of us.

I think you might be putting too much emphasis on the “just” part of the question. I don’t see anything wrong with having DIFFERENT (as opposed to “better” or “worse”) social skills than others. that’s just you, and if you’re pulling your weight, all the better.

There’s an old saying; Actions speak louder than words
Talking is over rated as communication.

Your ability to observe and pay attention and good listening skills will probably serve you and your community very well.

Your ability to observe and pay attention and good listening skills will probably serve you and your community very well.

True, I never actually thought of it like that.

Thanks for your replies, theres some good stuff to think about.

That would actually be a very meaningful interaction.

If silence treats you and yours well, shows you direction and helps you focus your awareness/perception then that would make for a great ally. Are you experiencing hurt or trouble by its presence that makes you ask this question ?

Hey Timeless,

Naw just a bit confuzzled, you know, in modern society it gets me in alot of trouble (or so to speak)… and was really curious how it would work in a small group (village, whatever)

but the replies I’ve had kinda pointed out that it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all :stuck_out_tongue: