Hunting deer and elk

What are the odds of hunting a deer or elk with a spear?

( Probally slim since they are really fast.)

I was planning on trying a technique of hunting deer with spears from tree tops above the ground.

Just make a bow!

Gee Joker, if that’s what you’re doing can I come and ride my dire elk on the hunt with you and your animal companions?

[quote=“Plains”]If you really want to be cool though you’ll have to craft a 3-part jian entirely on your own from enchanted bog iron, and then chase game animals for miles through the clearcuts before precisely bleeding them like a sabertooth. You also need to befriend a wolf or brown bear and travel the land striking terror in the hearts of the townies.

And people will tell of you, and they will say of the strange and dark happenings in unknown lands, ‘lo, unto that ruin and woe TheJoker came, and none could withstand him!’

That the northlands would tremble with your coming![/quote]

You have to come tell stories around my campfire sometime. Even your spam sounds thrilling.

…A chase through miles of a clearcuts! Maybe even with freddies on your tale, one of them with an eyepatch, called mad by the others, swearing that a rewildman wanders these hills, a rewildman responsible for his lost eye…“I will chase him around the wooded maelstrom and through perdition’s flames before I give him up! To the last, I will grapple with thee! From hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit…my last breath…at thee…”

Did somebody say “roleplay”?

No, not too much doom and gloom. How many wild societies do you know with heavy doses of doom and gloom? I don’t find doom and gloom terribly realistic, myself. Frankly, correcting this bizarre emphasis on doom and gloom, or bare survival, is one of the big goals of the project. It’s got the tone of Star Trek, if Star Trek presented a realistic utopia instead of a technophilic fantasy.

I don’t know my place in ‘humanity’, but my place in the world, I’ve come to the conclusion of acting as a caretaker.

Deer hunting with a harpoon gun!!

Just throwing that out there.