what? actually feeling the unique, terrifying, mind altering, chaotic, natural stages of our lives? revolutionary!! :grin:

thanks for sharing tracie :slight_smile: this article is beautiful. my favorites:

Wilson wasn’t looking to alleviate menopause, he was looking to eradicate it lest we become monsters.

:wolf: Ow Ow OWWWWWOOOOOOOO!!! (Bring it, civ! I’m ready to pull away this civilized mask & be proud of the monster underneath)

All of my symptoms feel wild, unprocessed and extreme – like the weather, like an avalanche or a tidal wave. At any moment, I have no idea what is about to hit. Are we not wired for this any longer? If we could accept the wild in us, would this not help us face the parts of ourselves that ebb and flow out of our control? Perhaps our inner wilderness, despite its sometimes inhospitable landscape, is really the last remnant of ourselves from a time when we, and everything around us, were wild. Could our domestication be preventing us from walking this landscape?

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