How to delete an account?

No I’m not leaving, not unless I’m wanted to! I’m just making a new account with a new email here in a few minutes, SerpentSun, and I figure multiple accounts is frowned upon here as with many other sites. Plus I don’t need this account anymore. I’m not worried about any of my old posts being linked to my new account or anything, I could just link to them if ever relevant. Just can’t figure out how to delete this one.

I can delete the account but I’ll have to anonymize the posts under @Firekin4 first, apparently. Are you sure you don’t want to leave the account there? I could just suspend it and all your previous posts would remain under @Firekin4 in the archives.

I’m sure, I want all my accounts made with Gmail wiped. Thanks!

I anonymized the username (which means that all the associated profile information has been removed). It seems like this achieves what you were trying to do (remove accounts associated with the gmail account. I could also delete the posts and then delete the user completely if you think that’s best. Let me know.