Hmmm...clipping toenails?

I can’t imagine it comfortable to be wanderin’ about with toenails that hang over the toe. What are some ways to clip 'em? I can’t imagine using a blade would work very well. Anyone have ideas?

Sand them with a rock. Like a nail file, but bigger. I’ve done this a few times so I know it works if you can find the right rock.

I wonder if walking barefoot wears them down at about the right speed…

I never actually do clip my toenails, but they never seem to get so long as to cause a problem.
I do go barefoot a lot though…

I chew them or use my fingernails.

the rock trick sounds interesting, i’ll have to try it. thanks!

People wonder why I wash my feet a few times a day. This is one of my reasons. Also a reason to wash my mouth out, though not the most entertaining.

If they’re visibly long enough to need clipping I can also get a cut started with my knife and then they tend to tear off following the grain perfectly. This can suck if I start it too close in.

I can imagine :-. I don’t think I could ever do that, and the big rock idea sounds a little too much like the time I sanded the tip of my finger off, but I think it still sounds like the best way to go.

I don’t chew them (eeeeeeeeeew!), I just pick at them with my fingernails, and peel. I do the same thing with my fingernails, although sometimes I do resort to biting those. I have never in my life used a nail clipper; I’ve got no clue what the big deal is.

I’ve heard that paring is an option, too. Paring involves using a knife to basically whittle away the edge of the nail, and sculpt it into place. In those movies when the tough-looking pirate is poking the ends of his fingers with that curvy blade, I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be paring his nails (sailors needed short nails for the ropework, I think…). I’ve tried it a couple of times with moderate success, and only then with a steel blade. It takes some getting used to.