Help with things

I’m looking for people who are interested in making this site a success. If you want to help, please join in on the conversations.

Things we need:

  1. Publicity
    Tell your friends, post some myspace bulletins, get other primitive skills sites to link here, e-mail your e-mail lists, etc.

  2. Content
    We need wiki pages. If you don’t know how to edit wiki, that’s fine, you can e-mail articles and photos to people who can edit wiki pages, like me and rix and whoever else.

Can you think of anything else we need?

i think publicity and content will feed each other. the more we have to offer on the wiki, the more people will start telling each other about it. the more people that become involved with the wiki, the more potential contributors we have.

also, i want to encourage everyone to not be scared of adding to the wiki. even if all you do is start a page on your favorite type of shelter or a kind of berry you like to eat, that will be more than we have now. and then maybe someone will come by and see your stub and add some information to it.

short articles like this are called stubs, and you can flag your article as a stub by putting this code:


as the first line of your article.

but if all this still sounds too complicated or daunting, i’m definitely game to help bring ideas to life for you. feel free to send me shit through the forum here. or you can email me at: wilderix (at sign) gmail (dot) com.


We’ve been rockin’ on the content lately. Scout, Animalhands! and I have thrown up some new pages, and Penny has lent her wisdom as well.

As for publicity:

I don’t know if any of you are into RSS or Atom feeds, but if you are, (esp. if you have a blog that will let you put a feed widget in it) here are the feed links for the field guide wiki site to see what new pages have been created:



See my blog in my signature below for an example of how the RSS feed for the wiki shows up there.

No problem, I’d love to lead a hand. 8)

Haha. Rewilder caught in headlights:

How does a board on and about biodiversity and bionumerousability sound?

[quote=“Urban Scout, post:1, topic:152”]Things we need:

  1. Publicity
    Tell your friends, post some myspace bulletins, get other primitive skills sites to link here, e-mail your e-mail lists, etc.[/quote]

Can I make paper posters?

I can think of many places around Seattle that could house them.

Also, I’ll send an electronic copy to this topic so that others can print them out and put them around their respective cities/towns.

University campuses
Lamp posts, dumpsters, parks
Community/Social Service Centers
Campground/Hiking lodges
Bike stores
Bus stops
Events (skill shares, Ignite, salons, festivals)

paper posters? how bout a sharpie? says a lot w/o much ink.

Well, there is a lot to be said for putting in the effort to make something look eyecatching (something with graphics AND words that will explain briefly what “rewild” even means). If people just go around writing “” graffiti with sharpies, I doubt they will reach as many people. Many people are turned off by that kind of graffiti, even people in the anti-civ camp like myself. It seems kind of lazy and childish to me.

Now graffiti MURALS, on the other hand… :o

Go ahead.