Heirloom Seeds

I know John Zerzan and a lot of people on this forum are a bit dubious of the domestication of other species. I am as well… to a point. But I’m also fascinated with gardening. I’ve been looking through an heirloom seed catalog and it’s amazing to see all the incredibly diverse varieties of vegetables that have been selected with human aid. To me, it’s an example how humans can foster diversity. We can help acclimate plants to certain environments. Also, just looking at the beauty of all these different varieties. It’s an art in itself.

Anyways, I recently got a collection of heirloom seeds that are suitable for Southern climates. If anyone’s interested, I could send just a few seeds to anyone who’s willing to grow them, save the seeds, and share them with others. I’ll be sending just a couple of seeds because I want to spread them as wide as possible, so please be careful with them. I’ll have a list of the varieties I have compiled soon. I’ll post it here and you can choose what you’d like. PM me your address and the varieties you’d like, and I’ll mail them to you. Unless you really want to put a lot of work into seed saving, I would choose a single variety of each species. That way you won’t have to deal with cross-pollination issues.

Alright, I got the list of seeds right here.

Anyone in the Southwest region should check out www.nativeseeds.org

Hey, that’s an excellent heirloom seed site. I wish I knew about it earlier. Thanks!