Grain Agriculture vs Tuber Agriculture Theory

Interesting article. A few civilized myths in there, but an interesting theory.

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That is interesting!

Funny, though, all the references to tubers “holding people back” by preventing things like “inequality [a hallmark of complex society].” Almost reads like an Onion article.

“The fact that grains posed a security risk may have been a blessing in disguise…” because it led to “the creation of warrior classes and the development of complex hierarchies and taxation schemes.” Yaaaay, war and inequality and taxes! You really dodged a bullet, grain eaters—it could’ve been potatoes and equality for you.


Hahaha yes, exactly. WTF

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I have nothing else to say but another WTF in agreement. Just like when people talk down on rewilders, whining about how “science” and “society” allow for more people and more computers, I wonder how any of that is a good thing. I do like grains and potatoes though; grass seeds and wild roots are totally acceptable, no need for genocide to provide. Equality being a damn “curse”…