how do i make it?
i tried melting pine resin, but it crumbles too easily once it’s dried.
am i doing it wrong or is there something else i can use?

Mixing charcoal/etc with pine resin makes an adhesive:

Hide glue can be made by boiling bones, hooves, hide, etc: (text may be too dark to see, highlight)

i don’t have any bones or hide, but i’ll definitely try the charcoal.


This is how my grandma still makes glue sometimes. Just crush some old rice (squish it), if you make the rice right (add correct amount of water, esp. if it’s sticky rice to begin with) it makes nice glue. Not the best, but pretty good.

TT - how’s the glue going? Have you tried it again? I’m interested to hear your observations! :slight_smile: